classroom valentines

These are actually from last year - funny that I never got around to posting them!

I had so many fun ideas, C ended up deciding on the pirate's treasure version. I just made a simple bag topper, with "Happy Valentine's Day from Chace" on the back. I left them simple white and black so he could color on them to make them a little more personal. The chocolate gold coins are easy to find this time of year, usually in the dollar aisle at Target with the St. Patrick's Day things.

These were the other options I gave him -

"I'm wild about you!" with animal crackers:

 "I 'wheelie' like you!", these are little flying disk toys - they came 4 to a pack from the dollar store (and were actually leftover from the race car birthday party)
 "Have a sweet valentine's day!" with strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped marshmallows:

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