homemade lego valentine's cards

Following the Lego obsession that our household has found itself in, we made Lego valentine's day cards for Chace's class this year.

The actual cards are white cardstock, simply designed in black, white & red (with the hope that Chace would color each one and sign his own name - unfortunately by that point he was over the whole thing and only a couple actually got colored...) The Lego "hearts" are homemade dot candy piped onto the paper side of freezer paper. I ran the freezer paper through my inkjet first to print the outlines of the "blocks", then loosely cut around them before piping the icing on (using this royal icing recipe).

They were a big hit, especially by his teacher (who thinks I may have too much free time on my hands :)



dad's shirt to little girl's dress

This project has been sitting on my sewing table for some time and I've finally finished it. I used the Ella Raglan pattern from IThinkSew, and just cut the pieces from dad's old shirt. I had intended to keep the original hem (because hey, I'm lazy :) but once I tried it on her it was way too long, and it just didn't work. The shorter length is just perfect (though she'll need a diaper cover or leggings), and super cute.

You'll have to take my word for it - she refuses to let me take her picture.


Jane's quiet book - banana split page

Finally getting around to posting a photo of this - I actually finished it in time to give it to Jane for Christmas. Another pattern from Imagine Our Life. I've been told it's one of Jane's favorite pages :)


classroom valentines

These are actually from last year - funny that I never got around to posting them!

I had so many fun ideas, C ended up deciding on the pirate's treasure version. I just made a simple bag topper, with "Happy Valentine's Day from Chace" on the back. I left them simple white and black so he could color on them to make them a little more personal. The chocolate gold coins are easy to find this time of year, usually in the dollar aisle at Target with the St. Patrick's Day things.

These were the other options I gave him -

"I'm wild about you!" with animal crackers:

 "I 'wheelie' like you!", these are little flying disk toys - they came 4 to a pack from the dollar store (and were actually leftover from the race car birthday party)
 "Have a sweet valentine's day!" with strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped marshmallows:


dolly and me knot dresses

A's dress is a combination of two patterns, from Zafarini and Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

She loves to twirl around in it (but not pose for pictures :)  I followed the same tutorial for the "baby's" dress, but left the back open and added velcro so it would be easy for little hands to remove.

And have I told you how much I love my custom labels??

At least one of them will sit still long enough for a picture :)