quiet book for Jane

I've finally gotten around to writing a post about Jane's book - I finished three "spreads" and a "title" page in time for her birthday party. I found the instructions at Imagine Our Life very helpful - I followed her instructions for the page and cover construction, as well as using her pattern for the Sandcastle page. The other pages are my own design, and maybe someday I'll get around to posting templates for download :)

I found this cute animal print fabric on the remnant rack at JoAnne some time ago, and matched it with a stripe for the inside cover and flap, which closes with a wide strip of velcro.

The "title" page was a quick one - because of how the spreads are constructed (so the two pages stay together when taken out of the book), the first page when you open the book is blank. So I put together a quick single page with Jane's name. A "grass" pocket holds the pieces for the page - letters spelling her name that snap to the page with coordinating color, two quick little clouds and a kite.
"Sandcastle" spread, following Imagine Our Life's pattern (this was the first page I constructed, so I pretty much followed her pattern exactly as I still wasn't sure what I was doing... I did add my own little detail behind the castle door)

i-Spy page, again, followed Imagine Our Life's instructions, using beach-themed buttons that I found at JoAnne and Michaels. I scanned the buttons in, then printed them on fabric then sewed it on the opposite side spread (rather than printed on a card ). I used blue Perler beads as the "filler" because I found a color I liked on clearance. I think next time I would use something a little finer - like the poly pellets used for stuffing toys?
And the last page (my personal favorite :) is a dress up doll, with an armoir for storing her wardrobe and hair styles. I thought she was lonely on the page all by herself, so added her dog, Hailey (who also has her own dog coat!)



And that's it for now... I learned quite a bit by following Stephanie's lead, so have ideas for how I'll do things differently the next time. I've already got fabric and supplies together to get started on books for my own kids, now just to find the time :)

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