last minute teacher gifts

I (of course) waited until the last minute to come up with teacher gifts for Chace's pre-school teachers. I happened to have a sheet of printable shrink film, fabric scraps and d-rings, so was able to put together super quick lanyards, with personalized shrink film tags. Cute, yes?
Any lanyard tutorial will do, a Pinterest search will find you plenty - I used this one. Then drew two circles for each lanyard, one smaller one with the teacher's name and a small heart, and a larger one with "Thank you!!" and Chace's name, year and class, printed them, cut them out then let him draw a picture one the film with colored pencils. Once shrunk, I used a simple jump ring to attach them to the lanyards, and voila! Easy peasy, last minute teacher gifts!
9.20.12 Update... First day of school back, and they are still using their lanyards. Love it :)


silhouette first birthday

I really wanted something sweet and feminine, without going over-the-top girly. She just really isn't that kind of girl - funny how you can tell even at this age. The color palatte of ballet pink, mustard, robin's egg blue and off white worked perfectly.


Invitations & decor:
I used a photo of Avery to create the silhouette image in Photoshop, which I used on all of the paper goods (and cookie cutter!). I originally bought several packages of doilies, thinking I would use them all over, they added a nice girly touch without being too over the top. (the butterflies hanging in the background were hand-colored by the kids for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I thought they were so sweet and decided they could stay!)

Lace crown:
There are lots of great tutorials for making a lace crown, I got the idea here. I used a roll of eyelet trim and made it larger around, so it would stay on her head without needing a headband or clips.

I wanted to keep things simple to avoid crowding my tiny kitchen, but make sure everyone had plenty to eat. Even though it was really cold outside, we fired up the grill for citrus-y chicken skewers and veggies (peppers, mushrooms, onions, zucchini), alongside my mom's macaroni salad and sunshine salad. And to drink? Pink lemonade, of course :)

Dark chocolate chiffon cake with fluffy rosewater frosting ... delicious. For the smash cake, I reserved a bit of the batter from the big cake and baked it in 4" mini cake pans, then layered and decorated with the same frosting in ruffles all around. I'd say she liked it :)
my all time favorite sugar cookie cut-out recipe, No-Fail Sugar Cookies. And, I can't forget the "Pirate Cookies" - key lime flavored shortbread cookies.

Custom silhouette cookie cutter:
by Victor Trading Co. I can't describe how much I love this. It's the kind of thing I'll get out and use every chance I get, and I imagine myself giving it her in a pretty box someday when it's my turn to be a grandmother.

...and a rare picture of me, surrounded by the carnage  :)