painted cookies

A friend recently started selling Jewel Kade - if you're not familiar with their products, check them out - they sell handmade, artistic charms and necklaces. She was hosting an event and asked if I could create cookies based on their initial charms, inspired by the painted cookies from Arty McGoo.

Now, this was my first time painting on cookies, and I waited until 10 pm or so the night before to start painting them, but I'm so pleased with how they turned out. A little water (next time I'll try using vodka, I've since read that it helps avoid pitting the icing base), an artist's paint palette, tiny paintbrushes, gel food colors and sanding sugars.

And close ups of some of my favorites:



Stephanie said...

I accidentally found your site and am having fun looking at all your projects!!

Jenn Maple said...

Aww, thanks Stephanie :) Welcome!

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