race car birthday

Even though birthday parties are small around here (family only), I still enjoy planning all the details to tie everything together. I had hoped Chace would want a pirate theme for his third birthday party, we were really into pirates all last year. Me: "What kind of birthday party do you want to have? Pirates?" (with visions of the family reprising their pirate Halloween costumes, and guests wearing eye patches and telling bad pirate jokes all afternoon). Him: "No, I want a race car party." "Are you sure you don't want pirates??" "No, I want race cars". (a conversation that we had at least three times, and he was so adament about it I finally gave in)


Decor: rather than buying every piece of Disney/Pixar Cars paraphenelia I could lay my hands on, I chose a more subtle race theme, which included black and white checkered everything (lots of places carry checkered flag decor in Indy, even in the middle of January), with orange and gray accents. Fake oil can labels taped to empty tin cans (washed and dried) for decorations on the food table, along with a nod to the movie with some Rusteeze logos and even a Piston Cup. I even found black and white checkered crepe paper, which I ruffled on the sewing machine and wrapped around a dollar store wreath for the front door.

Food: hot dogs, corn dogs, chili cheese fries, soft pretzels with nacho cheese... all the good stuff you'd find at a track! Paper hot dog holders and plastic serving baskets for the fries from Amazon.
Plus chocolate donut "spare tires" (thanks, Pinterest :) Per the request of the birthday boy, there was no cake, instead we had a tray of goodies to make your own ice cream sundaes.

And I couldn't forget to mention our special guest: "Winston Cup pit girl", from my parents basement. She made for a good photo backdrop (and scared the bejeezus out of you every time you turned around :)

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