easter chick egg cozy - new crochet version

I've finally gotten around to writing out this pattern for crochet... enjoy!

Ch. 9, join to form a circle. (you'll want the loop to stay open, so a magic circle doesn't work as well)
Rd. 1: dc 18 times around loop
Rd 2: ch3, *dc, 2dc* repeat around all sts. (24 dcs)
Rd 3 & 4: ch3, dc in all sts (24 dcs)
Rd 5: ch3, dc in first 9 sts, then join with a slip stitch to the first dc of the round. (you are closing off one end of your shape to become the bottom of the chick's neck - the remaining sts will remain unworked)
Rd 6: dc in first 5 sts, 3dc bobble in next st, dc in last 4 sts. Join. (9 sts)
Rd 7: dc in all sts. (9sts)
Fasten off, leaving tail long enough to seam top of head. Weave in ends.

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