easter chick egg cozy - new crochet version

I've finally gotten around to writing out this pattern for crochet... enjoy!

Ch. 9, join to form a circle. (you'll want the loop to stay open, so a magic circle doesn't work as well)
Rd. 1: dc 18 times around loop
Rd 2: ch3, *dc, 2dc* repeat around all sts. (24 dcs)
Rd 3 & 4: ch3, dc in all sts (24 dcs)
Rd 5: ch3, dc in first 9 sts, then join with a slip stitch to the first dc of the round. (you are closing off one end of your shape to become the bottom of the chick's neck - the remaining sts will remain unworked)
Rd 6: dc in first 5 sts, 3dc bobble in next st, dc in last 4 sts. Join. (9 sts)
Rd 7: dc in all sts. (9sts)
Fasten off, leaving tail long enough to seam top of head. Weave in ends.


super c

A super easy, inexpensive gift - he wasn't too sure about it when he opened it Christmas morning, but it's gotten lots of wear since then, including to the grocery store once or twice :)

I followed Skirt as Top's cape tutorial, but used two men's XL t-shirts that I found on clearance instead of yardage, and reverse applique for the initial. I love that he can put it on by himself with the easy velcro, and with the lining it's reversible, so even if he puts it on inside-out it doesn't look like it.


race car birthday

Even though birthday parties are small around here (family only), I still enjoy planning all the details to tie everything together. I had hoped Chace would want a pirate theme for his third birthday party, we were really into pirates all last year. Me: "What kind of birthday party do you want to have? Pirates?" (with visions of the family reprising their pirate Halloween costumes, and guests wearing eye patches and telling bad pirate jokes all afternoon). Him: "No, I want a race car party." "Are you sure you don't want pirates??" "No, I want race cars". (a conversation that we had at least three times, and he was so adament about it I finally gave in)