pixie hat & leggies

After spending much of our last vacation (and weeks more after) knitting a beautiful pixie hat for a friend's new baby, only for it to come out on the small side, I decided to take a shortcut for A's pixie hat, inspired by this project. I found this beautiful lambswool sweater at Goodwill and decided it was perfect for this project. After felting I realized that the arms were the perfect size for leggies (even for A's chubby little legs :)

The ribbing along the edges did not felt as much as the rest of the sweater so left a lovely, slightly ruffled edge for the hat. I made a simple lining for the hat from a scrap of fleece, then cut slits all around the hat to weave the ribbon through. And stitched a piece of lingerie lace elastic around the top of the leggies to help them stay on.

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