pillowcase dresses

I found this material a couple of months ago and was just in love with it, and bought a yard without knowing what I planned to do with it. After sitting and looking at it for weeks, I finally decided to make matching dresses for A and my niece, Jane (who is 9 months old). I started out with one in A's size, following the pillowcase baby dress pattern from Prudent Baby, but in true Jenn Maple fashion, ended up making it all up as I went along. I thought the material seemed a little sheer, so added a lining (which I've now decided was unnecessary).

This morning I starting work on the coordinating dress for Jane (which was, btw, supposed to be an Easter present, so I'm only two months late...). I loosely cut the pieces out following an actual pillowcase pattern, so it will be styled a bit differently than A's, but I still think they'll be cute in pictures together. If I ever finish.

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