pillowcase dresses

I found this material a couple of months ago and was just in love with it, and bought a yard without knowing what I planned to do with it. After sitting and looking at it for weeks, I finally decided to make matching dresses for A and my niece, Jane (who is 9 months old). I started out with one in A's size, following the pillowcase baby dress pattern from Prudent Baby, but in true Jenn Maple fashion, ended up making it all up as I went along. I thought the material seemed a little sheer, so added a lining (which I've now decided was unnecessary).

This morning I starting work on the coordinating dress for Jane (which was, btw, supposed to be an Easter present, so I'm only two months late...). I loosely cut the pieces out following an actual pillowcase pattern, so it will be styled a bit differently than A's, but I still think they'll be cute in pictures together. If I ever finish.


hanging book sling

One of the items that I have finished for C's Big Boy Room was a hanging book sling - tutorial courtesy of Megan Cooley at Penny Carnival. I made two - one with her original dimensions and another that is half the height, for smaller books (like his favorites: Boynton board books)


Whew. It's been a busy couple of months. Here's what I've been up to:

... not posting to my blog. (I hope to take it back up again as time allows)

... having a baby. (we welcomed sweet baby girl Avery (A) in April)

... relearning how to sew. (thank you to my wonderful husband for surprising me with a sewing machine tune-up for Christmas!)

... crocheting baby booties. (Baby Brown, Baby Bryant, my new niece, Jane, and of course, A) 

... redecorating the nursery for A. (okay, so my plans are grander than my actions at this point, but I do have lots of inspiration from ohdeedoh.com)

... converting my "studio" into a Big Boy Room for C. (see note about redecorating nursery - grand plans, few actions)

... condensing the "stuff from the studio into a 10'x3' space in what was once our dining room. (a large chunk of which is still in C's closet for the time being... luckily he has a walk-in and few clothes that need to hang)