Crunch time for Christmas crafting!

With just a few days until Christmas I'm finding that my grand plans for making gifts were (once again...) lofty. Still have some knitting to do, but in the meantime did wrap up gifts for the grandparents. I had found these square canvases in the clearance section at Garden Ridge over the summer, marked down to $1 - a deal way too good to pass up! They had some silly kids-room paintings on them with farm animals, not my taste in the least, but I knew I could do something with them. I only wish I had bought more of them while I could...   A couple coats of gesso covered up the original paintings, then brown and blue paint, some superior balancing skills to get a coat of paint on Chace's hand then on the canvas (and not on anything else), and voila! Christmas for both sets of grandparents!

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