Finished some more gifts last night - felted slippers for my sister-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law. Great pattern from French Press Knits, they knit up very quickly (though I'm somewhat disappointed by my skill - lack of - in seaming). I did find a seamless version posted on Ravelry so am looking forward to trying that for the next pair.... if I have time today, will make those for my dear mother (or maybe for myself... I heard from a little birdy that Santa is bringing me a pair of slippers though :)


Crunch time for Christmas crafting!

With just a few days until Christmas I'm finding that my grand plans for making gifts were (once again...) lofty. Still have some knitting to do, but in the meantime did wrap up gifts for the grandparents. I had found these square canvases in the clearance section at Garden Ridge over the summer, marked down to $1 - a deal way too good to pass up! They had some silly kids-room paintings on them with farm animals, not my taste in the least, but I knew I could do something with them. I only wish I had bought more of them while I could...   A couple coats of gesso covered up the original paintings, then brown and blue paint, some superior balancing skills to get a coat of paint on Chace's hand then on the canvas (and not on anything else), and voila! Christmas for both sets of grandparents!


Chace's Christmas Stocking

Finally finished Chace's Christmas stocking this morning! I had wrapped up the knitting and felting part, but wanted to add his name before I called it "done". I am very pleased with the results:


...and more Christmas crafts in progress

Here is a preliminary pic of another Christmas gift-in-progress, this time a scarf (pattern is "Scouting Owl Scarf" by Karin Netland-Weldon). Not sure yet who I'm making it for, it hasn't let me know "who" yet :)

Christmas crafts

It's December - time to start working on Christmas crafts!

For Chace's first Christmas I am attempting my first "sock" pattern to make him a stocking. So far so good, though I badly underestimated the amount of yarn I'll need. Using a pattern from Ravelry - pattern is a knit/ felted one, "Ella's stocking" by Mary Kennedy - using MaggiKnits Chunky Merino and Paton's Classic Merino. It's a "non-wrapping" heel pattern, so has been a pretty easy way to learn sock knitting. Here are some pictures of the work in progress, more when I've gone back to the yarn store and can get a little further along :)



After spending way too much time being inspired by other bloggers, I've decided to finally start my own. 

Here we go - and thanks for reading.